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  • by Shreya Rao
    An illustrated and intuitive guide on the inner workings of an LSTMContinue reading on Towards Data Science »
  • by Mel Richey, PhD
    New words. Old concepts. In the end, it’s about data fusion.Entity resolution is a process. A knowledge graph is a technical artifact. And the combination of the two yields one of the most powerful data fusion tools we have in the domain of knowledge representation and reasoning. Recently, ERKGs have made their way into the data architecture narrative, especially for analytic organizations that want all data in a given domain connected in one place for investigation. This article is going to unpack the Entity Resolved Knowledge Graph, the ER, the KG, and some of the details about their implementation.ER. Entity-resolution (aka […]
  • by Loren Hinkson
    How to build a process with strong communication and expectation-setting practicesStarting an exploratory data analysis can be daunting. How do you know what to look at? How do you know when you’re done? What if you miss something important? In my experience, you can alleviate some of these worries with communication and expectation-setting. I’m sharing my process for exploratory data analysis here as a resource for folks just getting started in data, and for more experienced analysts and data scientists seeking to hone their own processes.Image by Elf-Moondance via Pixabay1. Talk to stakeholders about their objectivesOne of the first things you […]
  • by Mahyar Aboutalebi, Ph.D.
    Explore any point on Earth at any time using satellite data with StreamlitContinue reading on Towards Data Science »
  • by Josep Ferrer
    MLBasics #4: The Binary Classification King — A Journey Through Support Vector MachinesContinue reading on Towards Data Science »
  • by Jim Barlow
    A qualitative investigation into one of the weirdest data structures ever forced upon millions of innocent, unsuspecting analystsContinue reading on Towards Data Science »
  • by Andrea D'Agostino
    Learn how to structure a language model’s response to ensure that the response format is respected, such as JSONContinue reading on Towards Data Science »
  • by Ryan O'Sullivan
    Causal AI, exploring the integration of causal reasoning into machine learningPhoto by Alexey Ruban on UnsplashWhat is this series of articles about?Welcome to my series on Causal AI, where we will explore the integration of causal reasoning into machine learning models. Expect to explore a number of practical applications across different business contexts.In the last article we covered validating the causal impact of the synthetic control method. In this article we will move onto enhancing marketing mix modelling with Causal AI.If you missed the last article on synthetic controls, check it out here:Validating the Causal Impact of the Synthetic Control MethodIntroductionOngoing challenges with digital tracking […]
  • by Mandy Liu
    Learn from them to fast-track your career todayContinue reading on Towards Data Science »
  • by Lars Wiik
    Compared to OpenAI, Cohere, Google, and E5Continue reading on Towards Data Science »